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Round Plant Pots

Round Plant Pots


Round Plant Pots are excellent value for money and are a highly economical way to start your first grow. Available in a wide range of sizes, made of a durable co-polymer, and can be re-used.

Round Plant Pots


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Round Plant Pots - 1L:
Round Plant Pots - 2L:
Round Plant Pots - 5L:
Round Plant Pots - 10L:
Round Plant Pots - 12L:
Round Plant Pots - 15L:
Round Plant Pots - 20L:
Round Plant Pots - 30L:
Round Plant Pots - 45L:

The classic choice for every green thumb; Round Plant Pots are the unsung heroes of indoor gardens everywhere.

Crafted to give your plants a spacious home, they provide ample room for roots to sprawl and groove.

The simple yet unbeatable design of a round plant pot ensures consistent growth and easy manoeuvrability.

Whether you're an old hand or just starting out in hydroponics, these pots will never steer you wrong. Available in various sizes, there's a fit for every plant's ambition.

We have a huge selection of round pots from 1L - 45L

How to use  Round Pots:

Simply fill your round pot with your favourite soil/soilless mix and place your plant into it. Water well and begin your grow.


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