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Humidity & Temperature

Let's talk about controlling the weather in your grow room. Need to dial up the heat or knock back the damp? We’ve got something for it. Check out our range, from nifty ultrasonic humidifiers that keep your plants misty and happy, to solid grow tent heaters that fend off the chill. Our heat mats for plants are like underfloor heating for your roots, and with a heat mat thermostat, you’re in the driver's seat for temp control. And when the air gets too muggy, a Quest dehumidifier sorts it right out, keeping the humidity just how your green mates like it. For that extra touch of finesse, our ultrasonic mist makers are like having your own cloud maker. Plus, for those who want the crème de la crème of climate control, we’ve got the Opticlimate system for complete climate control. Keep your grow room’s climate spot on – because your plants deserve nothing less.
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