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Propagation Lighting

Get your young plants off to a cracking start with our Propagation Lighting solutions. Ideal for cuttings and seedlings, these lights offer just the right kind of glow to encourage hearty root development and healthy early growth. LED Grow Lights are the bee's knees for propagation. They're not just energy-efficient; they've got the perfect colour temperature – think 6500K – which isn't just great for the early stages but also spot on for the vegetative stage of your smaller plants. Take the Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Lights, for instance. They’re a belter, whether you’ve got a modest setup or a full-blown grow room. The light coverage is consistent, making sure every little plant gets its fair share of the good stuff. And then there's the ROOT!T LED Grow Light. This nifty piece of kit covers two standard-sized propagation trays and can be clipped onto a tent pole or hung up using the universal hooks provided. Whether you're after a clone LED light, a T5 light, or a propagator with lights, we've got your back.
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