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Blackburn Hydroponics [BBHYDRO] started in 2019 and quickly established itself as one of the best hydroponic shops in the UK. Our reputation extends far and wide, and folks from Edinburgh to London grow with us! We even get the occasional green thumb from Belfast who thinks we’re worth the trip. If that’s not proof of our quality of service and great prices, we don’t know what is!

We've got you covered from propagation to harvest. Stacked with everything an urban gardener could dream of: LED grow lights, garden tents, and intelligent hydroponic growing systems. Need a heated propagator or a heat mat for your seedlings? Check. Looking for a small grow tent or a full-blown hydroponics kit? Sorted. Let's talk brands. We've got the big names – Advanced Nutrients, Canna, Mills Nutrients, and Shogun Fertiliser. Why? Because you deserve the best products available on the market.

Now, the right gear is one thing, but good advice is gold, and that's where our crew steps in. These guys will sort you out! Bleeding green and always on hand to provide straightforward advice on just about everything from the latest nutes to strategies on how to grow well. The BBHYDRO team will make sure your indoor growing is set up for success, no matter if you're tinkering in your flat or kitting out a full-scale hydroponics operation.

Stop searching for a 'hydroponics shop near me' in Leeds, Manchester, or Bradford, we're right here! And if you're all about that click-and-grow life, our online shop is as user-friendly as they come. Straight-up hydroponics all the way!

Bottom line – Blackburn Hydroponics is THE one-stop grow shop near you. We want to see more people learn about the convenience of urban gardening and growing plants indoors, and we're all about helping you grow epic stuff, without the fuss. Drop by or click through!

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