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Rhino Silenced EC Fan


Rhino silenced ec fan price is competitive with other fans . Use this fan is best with rhino ec fan controller


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Rhino Silenced EC Fan - 6":
Rhino Silenced EC Fan - 8":
Rhino Silenced EC Fan - 10":
Rhino Silenced EC Fan - 12":

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Rhino Silenced EC Fan – a compact powerhouse with superior ventilation capabilities. Despite its small size, this fan delivers high air flows at high pressure, ensuring optimal air circulation. Utilizing state-of-the-art EC technology, the fan operates seamlessly from 0 to 100% speed without any humming or buzzing noise.

Controlling the fan is a breeze with the included speed controller. For even more precision, you have the option to connect the fan to any EC GAS Controller using adaptors.

Pair the Rhino Ultra Fan with Rhino filters for the ultimate air extraction and perfect contact time with the carbon in the filter. This powerful combination ensures top-notch air purification and ventilation for your indoor environment.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Rhino Silenced EC Fan in achieving the best air quality and circulation. Enjoy the benefits of its advanced EC technology, hassle-free operation, and compatibility with EC GAS Controllers for precise fan control. Upgrade your ventilation system with the Rhino Ultra Fan for outstanding performance and clean, fresh air in your indoor space.

  • Ultra quiet, ultra efficient, ultra powerful
  • Compatible with all GAS EC controllers
  • Speed controller included
  • Half the noise of a non-silenced fan
  • Energy efficient
  • Sealed steel body
  • Soft start function
  • Built-in eyelets for easy installation
  • Low power consumption compared to AC fan




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