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Plagron Power Buds

Plagron Power Buds


Plagron Power Buds Experience enhanced bud formation and accelerated flowering with Power Buds.

By applying this product right from the moment of transitioning your plants from the growth to the flowering phase, you initiate a targeted energy allocation toward bud production.


Plagron Power Buds


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Plagron Power Buds - 100ml:
Plagron Power Buds - 250ml:
Plagron Power Buds - 1L:
Plagron Power Buds - 5L:
Plagron Power Buds - 10L:
Plagron Power Buds - 20L:

Dosage and use

Prior to use, Plagron Power Buds ensure a complete and vigorous shaking of the product.

Introduce a quantity of Power Buds, not exceeding 1 ml, into each liter of water, maintaining a ratio of 1:1000.

Initiate the utilization of this nutrient-infused solution immediately upon transitioning from the growth to the flowering stage of cultivation.

Plagron Power Buds

Consequently, your plants devote their energy to the rapid creation of buds, leading to an expedited flowering process.

This specialized approach encourages a more compact growth structure while also fostering the development of a greater number of flowers.

Power Buds

Capitalize on the critical early flowering stages to optimize your plant's energy usage, resulting in a robust and prolific flowering phase.

Witness the benefits of increased bud quantity and quicker flowering as your plants harness their energy for impressive floral growth.


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