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Jiffy PRO7 COCO Brick

Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick


Elevate your cultivation game with the Jiffy PRO7 COCO Brick – where quality meets convenience. The go-to choice for professional cut-flower growers in hydroponic pot systems.

Jiffy PRO7 COCO Brick


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The Jiffy PRO7 COCO Brick is a trusted favorite with its consistent coco coir quality, precise temperature control, and versatility.

Certified 100% RHP, this compressed premium coconut coir pith brick is carefully washed, buffered, and enriched with vital trace elements. It forms an ideal, transport-friendly potting substrate that encourages rapid rooting and robust plant growth.

For synergistic results, pair the Jiffy PRO7 COCO Brick with Jiffy Coco Plugs.


x24 8L Bricks

Rehydrate the JJiffy PRO7 COCO 8L Brick with 3.5/4 liters of water, and witness it expand to a remarkable 8 liters of top-grade coco coir substrate.


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