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Growth Technology Formulex


Growth Technology Formulex has become an industry standard and is valued for its utility and ease of use. It is a single solution with an amazing capacity for stable pH through its ground-breaking inbuilt buffering capacity. Formulex can be used for almost every fertilising requirement and is an amazingly useful bottle to have around. Many people recommend it for seedlings and young plants generally, but it can be used at all stages of growth and for many different crops.

Formulex – the perfect all-round solution.
Soil • Hydroponics • Foliar feeding.


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Growth Technology Formulex

Ionic Formulex is a high-quality, general-purpose nutrient solution suitable for soil and hydroponic use.

The single solution was originally developed for use in home hydroponic systems and soilless media, and has boomed into a self-proclaimed “industry standard”. This go-to bottle can be used to enhance the growth of almost any plant.

Gives plants the best start

This nutrient is specifically designed for cuttings and seedlings, but is equally beneficial to fully-grown plants. Formulex provides the full profile of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) macro- and micronutrients that young plants need, and helps them to develop strong, healthy roots.

This sets your garden up for life: plants will take in nutrients more easily, and you can watch their yields increase.

No pH adjustment

Formulex has a buffered pH, meaning that it prevents large variations in acidity level and will remain stable. There’s usually no need to adjust its pH before use!

Formulex is a multi-purpose product that can be used in many ways to benefit plants. Diluted in water, Formulex is the ideal professional formula for feeding seedlings, transplants, and clones, ensuring that the plants thrive in the early growth stage. All soil-grown plants benefit from the advanced,
stable properties of Formulex.

Why choose Formulex?

  • Full-spectrum nutrient solution made from pure mineral salts;
  • Full pH stabilisation - requires no pH adjustment;
  • Easy to use - just combine with water;
  • Ultra-concentrated; great value for money;
  • Makes up to 100 times its volume of diluted solution;
  • Suitable for virtually any plant and environment.

How to use Formulex?

Always shake the bottle before use. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use, away from direct sunlight.

  • Hydroponic: Simply dilute the solution - using 10ml per litre of water - and mix well. Use at every reservoir change.
  • Soil: Add 5ml per litre of water to your feed solution and mix well. Use approximately once a week to see dramatic improvement in plant strength and root growth.
  • Foliar: Formulex may also be diluted and sprayed as a root-feed or foliar spray. To avoid light burn on feeding leaves, apply in low light conditions.

Dilute 5ml of concentrated solution per litre of water and mix well. Spray thoroughly onto plants, ensuring that the leaves are thoroughly coated. For safety reasons, avoid spraying near or onto your grow lighting.

For an even greater range of benefits, users may combine Formulex with other Growth Technology products, such as the Root Riot starter cubes or Nitrozyme additive. 

When to use Formulex?

  • Hydroponic: Use a new Formulex solution (10ml / litre) with every reservoir change.
  • Soil: Use once a week.
  • Foliar: Use as required.


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