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Garden Wire Galvanised

Garden Wire


The Garden Wire's flexibility is just the ticket, ensuring your plants get the limelight they deserve.

Tough but gentle, it’s got the grit to hold strong without throwing shade on your green mates.

Perfect for when your plants need that bit of extra support, but you don’t fancy a full-on production.


Garden Wire Galvanised


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Supporting plants during their growing and flowering stages is crucial to ensure they reach their full potential. As they stretch and branch out, a bit of guidance can help them flourish without toppling over.

Enter Garden Wire and Garden Twist Ties - your must-have backstage crew. The wire's stellar flexibility lets you gently guide branches, ensuring they receive even light and avoid crowding.

Meanwhile, the twist ties are perfect for those smaller, delicate tasks, holding your plants in just the right pose without causing any stress.

And, beyond individual plant care, both tools are ace for streamlining your overall grow room setup. Use them to organise cables, hang equipment, or create clear paths for airflow.

With these in your arsenal, you're set to have a grow room that's both efficient and envy-worthy. No dramas, just lush, happy plants.

50m 1.8mm Coated Garden Wire ideal for tying, fixing, training, and supporting



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