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Atami Cocos Substrate

Atami Cocos Substrate


Atami Cocos Substrate high-quality coco fibers are sustainably ripened, washed, and buffered, ensuring an optimal growth medium.

Available in: 50L


Atami Cocos Substrate


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Atami Cocos Substrate has a perfect structure that retains nutritious water easily and is therefore quickly absorbed by the roots of the plant.

The substrate also remains fairly light, allowing the roots to receive lots of oxygen. As a result, the plants get a healthy and strong root system and develop at a fast pace.

Atami B’Cuzz Cocos Substrate contains sufficient nutrition for the first week of the growth cycle. After the first week, water with liquid fertilisers. Stimulators can be added for optimal results.

EC: 0,80 – 1,00


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