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WindKing Wall Fan


The WindKing Wall Fan keeps your growing space cool and consistent, with smooth oscillation, it clears hot, stale, and damp air, optimizing plant growth. Save space with its wall-mountable design and enjoy adjustable tilt for precise airflow.


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WindKing Wall Fan – your ultimate solution for efficient air circulation and temperature control in any indoor space.

This 16" wall fan is designed to keep your grow environment cool and consistent, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants.

Equipped with smooth oscillation, the WindKing wall fan effectively clears hot, stale, and damp air, preventing stagnant conditions that could hinder plant growth.

Its powerful motor guarantees reliable performance, delivering a constant flow of fresh air to your plants.

With a sturdy wall mountable design, this fan saves valuable floor space, allowing you to optimize your grow area. The adjustable tilt feature lets you direct the airflow precisely where it's needed, ensuring maximum coverage and even distribution of air.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned grower, the WindKing Wall Fan is a must-have addition to your indoor gardening arsenal. Embrace improved air circulation and temperature regulation, and witness the positive impact on your plant's health and growth. Upgrade your grow space with the WindKing Wall Fan, the trusted choice for better air movement and a thriving indoor garden.


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