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White Cotton Twine

White Cotton Twine


White Cotton Twine is a soft, natural alternative to metal cable and plastic zip ties used for tying plants and other stuff in and around your grow rooms.

Comes in a 25m length

White Cotton Twine


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Versatile White Cotton Twine (25m)

Discover the indispensable tool every grow room needs with this cotton twine.

Boasting a length of 25m, this durable twine is your go-to for various indoor gardening tasks.

Whether you're training plants, securing branches, or crafting DIY plant supports, its natural flexibility and strength make it a grower's best friend.

Gentle on plant stems yet resilient against wear and tear, this twine ensures your greens grow in the desired direction without hindrance.

Simple, effective, and environmentally friendly, it's a staple that promises to make your indoor gardening journey smoother and more efficient.

Get creative and explore the myriad uses of this essential accessory in your grow room!


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