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Terra Aquatica FlashClean



Terra Aquatica FlashClean is a unique, high-performance rinse and soil conditioner for all substrates and systems. From rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics, FlashClean is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners!



Terra Aquatica FlashClean


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  • Terra Aquatica (T.A) - Originally known as (GHE) General Hydroponics Europe
  • FlashClean¬†- re-dissolves mineral salts that have precipitated out onto your grow media and through your grow system
  • Reduces lockouts and deficiencies due to salt-induced plant stress
  • Can be used as a flushing agent a few days before harvest
  • Very economical - highly concentrated formula means a little goes a long way
  • Can be used in all mediums and grow systems

Keep your System Salt and Residue Free with Terra Aquatica FlashClean!

Mineral feeds can cause residues of salt to build up in your substrate (medium) and end up causing blockages or even a slow-down in plant growth. General Hydroponics FloraKleen keeps your system clear of those precipitated mineral salts to keep your system running sweetly, and to make sure your plants don't suffer nutrient lockouts, etc. due to salt build-up.

How to Use FlashClean

Terra Aquatica (T.A) FlashClean can be used in any growing substrate and any grow system. However, it is of particular use in dripper systems where it is vital that the drip lines do not become blocked.

Simply make up your feed water as usual and then add FlashClean at a rate of 1 - 3ml per litre (depending on the size and health of your plants). E.g use at 1ml per litre for young cuttings or weak plants.  Use at 3ml per litre for large plants in the peak of health.

To use as a pre-harvest flush, add it to your system and run for 24 hours before replacing it with fresh water for a few days.


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