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SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller


SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller MK2 offers a great range of functionality for such a compact and cost-effective unit.


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SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller – a compact yet highly functional unit offering a wide range of features. Renowned for its reliability and sleek design, the original SMS fan controllers have earned popularity across hydroponics grow rooms.

The MK2 version builds upon the success of its predecessor, maintaining the same level of performance while being housed in a more compact and attractive design. Utilizing pulse width modulation to reduce fan speed, this controller ensures a noiseless operation, distinguishing it from typical fan controllers.

Installation and use are effortless, making it a plug-and-play device. Simply set the desired temperature and minimum/maximum ventilation levels, and the controller will automatically adjust fan speed when the sensor detects a temperature exceeding the desired level.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller MK2, where precise temperature control and smooth fan speed adjustment come together in a compact and reliable package. Upgrade your grow room with this cost-effective unit, delivering outstanding performance and maintaining a comfortable environment for your plants.


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