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Shogun Katana Roots

Shogun Katana Roots


See roots in as little as 5 days with Shogun Katana Roots! Give your roots the cutting edge required for explosive growth. Nutrient uptake will be through the roof - leading to prime defence systems and less chance of root disease.

Shogun Katana Roots


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Shogun Katana Roots - 250ml:
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Shogun Katana Roots - 5L:
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SHOGUN Katana Roots

SHOGUN Katana Roots stimulates massive root growth and a strong and healthy root zone. Your plants will form longer, thicker, more complex root networks, using boron to encourage development well before the natural point. All great plants need a strong foundation!

The expertly formulated combination of ingredients in Katana Roots helps to create the most efficient uptake mechanism your plants could ever wish for.  Leading to massively increased performance and ultimately better yields.

  • Creates explosive root growth in all types of propagation media.
  • Stimulates rapid root formation and development.
  • Supports healthy, strong, white root formation.
  • Creates a complex and efficient root structure for maximum nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Highly effective as a foliar application to reinvigorate stressed plants.

How to use SHOGUN Katana Roots

Cuttings & Seedlings – Add at a rate of 5mL/L of nutrient solution. Soak propagation plugs in the solution for 15 minutes. Water this solution into your propagation plugs once per week until your plants are ready to plant.

Root Feed – Add at a rate of 0.2mL/L to your nutrient tank. reservoir or watering can. Use throughout vegetative growth and for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle.

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