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RVK fans


Systemair RVK inline duct fans are high-quality intake/outlet fans for extracting old, stale air from your grow-space or for supplying it with fresh air. The fans are housed in a lightweight yet robust fibreglass and plastic casing with external ports for easy connection to ducting, filters, airsocks or other accessories. L1 variants are the higher airflow models.


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RVK Fans

RVK fans, where performance meets reliability. These top-notch Systemair RVK fans have earned their place as an industry staple, delivering exceptional results as either an extractor or intake fan. Versatility is their forte, making them the go-to choice for ventilating wet or damp rooms, ensuring a consistently best-selling status.

One of the key reasons for their popularity lies in their ease of use and installation, fitting effortlessly into virtually any position you desire. Equipped with an energy-efficient backwards curved motorized impeller, these fans can be powered directly from the mains or managed through a fan controller, granting you precise control over speed and airflow.

Built to last, the RVK fans boast a robust casing crafted from fibreglass and polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity. Their dynamically balanced impeller significantly reduces vibrations and noise, allowing for a quiet, yet potent performance, making them a favorite among growers of all experience levels.

Safety takes center stage in their design, featuring thermal protection to prevent overheating, and an IP44 rated terminal box to enhance security.

Look no further for quality you can trust, as these German-manufactured RVK fans provide a maintenance-free, reliable experience, backed by a two-year warranty. From entry-level growers to seasoned enthusiasts, the RVK fans have garnered a devoted following.

If you're specifically seeking the RVK 4 inch fan, rest assured that you're choosing a top-tier option for your indoor garden. Experience the excellence and performance that the RVK fan lineup offers, and explore the endless possibilities with Systemair's exceptional RVK fans and the convenience of the RVK fan controller. Your grow room's ventilation needs are covered with the finest in the industry.



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