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Root Mass Fabric Pots


Root MASS Fabric Pots are becoming a firm favourite with growers. They are made from a breathable fabric which works as a great alternative to traditional plastic pots.

Available in the following sizes: 1l, 2l, 3.8l, 8l, 12l, 16l, 20l, 30l, 39l, 56l.


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Root Mass Fabric Pots - 12L:
Root Mass Fabric Pots - 16L:
Root Mass Fabric Pots - 30L:

The strong porous breathable fabric allows your plants to thrive and promotes exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth.

By letting water in or drain out easily, the fabric traps the roots in it that would normally 'circle' around the inside of a traditional pot promoting branching further up the roots.

This ensures your plant roots through the entire media much better and accounts for a much bigger root system overall.

ROOT MASS fabric pots have multiple benefits:

  • They promote the air pruning of roots and eliminate root circling
  • They help to improve root structure and mass
  • They aerate the root zone and help regulate temperatures
  • The porous fabric provides excellent drainage which prevents over-watering
  • They can be used in hydro systems! Water can penetrate the pot and be absorbed by the medium.
  • They also act as a filter
  • The containers are flexible and can be folded up and stored when not in use

The soft-sided construction allows the planter to conform to your terrain, making it the perfect choice for all growing areas.

With reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric, they will not tear when supporting even the heaviest crop.

Can be used with almost any media and even added into hydroponic systems such as flood and drain systems for many benefits.

Another benefit of the Root Mass Fabric Pot is that it aids in managing plant temperatures: keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter.




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