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QUEST Dehumidifier


Introducing the Quest Dual 155 dehumidifier – a commercial powerhouse in energy efficiency. With 155 pints/day of water removal, it saves thousands in energy costs yearly. Versatile placement options, a 5-year manufacturer warranty, and California Title 24 compliance make it a top choice.


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QUEST Dehumidifier - Quest 70:
QUEST Dehumidifier - Quest 155:

Presenting the Quest Dual 155 dehumidifier – a top-notch commercial unit that leads the market in energy efficiency. With an impressive water removal capacity of 155 pints per day, it stands out by significantly reducing your yearly energy expenses when compared to competitors. Its versatile design allows you to choose between overhead placement or utilizing ductwork, even positioning the dehumidifier in a separate space altogether.

Manufactured and designed in Madison, Wisconsin, the Quest Dual 155 dehumidifier comes with a solid 5-year warranty, assuring you of its quality and durability. Moreover, it complies with California Title 24 requirements, making it suitable for both ducted (whole-home) and non-ducted (portable) installations. Embrace superior performance, energy savings, and peace of mind with the Quest Dual 155 dehumidifier.

@ 80 F / 60% RH

  • Capacity 70 Pints/Day
  • Efficiency 5 Pints/kWh
  • Supply Voltage 110-120V
  • Current Draw 5.1 Amps


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