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Plastic Manifold

Plastic Manifold


Effortlessly aerate up to 10 air stones using a plastic manifold.

  • Suitable for use in hydroponic systems and aquariums
  • Allows you to manage your own hydroponic irrigation system
  • Cost-effective solution when using multiple air stones.
Plastic Manifold


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Plastic Manifold - 6 way:
Plastic Manifold - 8 way:
Plastic Manifold - 10 way:
Plastic Manifold - 20 way:

Use this plastic manifold to aerate up to 10 air stones with one pump. Expand your irrigation system or aquarium without the need for multiple circulation units.

This hardy plastic is suitable for use underwater - or anywhere in your irrigation system. It’s resistant to cracks and splits despite all its hard work.

Why buy multiple circulation units when you can do all the work with one? This simple tool pays for itself over and over. Manage your hydroponic system with one appliance and at a fraction of the cost.

One side of the manifold has 6, 8, or 10 outlets and the other has a single outlet. Attach the single outlet to a piece of air line tubing and link the other end to your air pump.

On the side with multiple outlets, connect an equal length of air line to each outlet. Attach each length of tubing to an air stone.


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