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Plant Magic Silicon


Plant Magic Silicon strengthens leaves and stems - like armour for plants.


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Plant Magic Silicon has been specifically formulated for use with coco and hydroponics growing systems.

The unique formula helps protect plants from pests and diseases, enhances nutrient uptake, and boosts the weight and density of your fruits to increase your overall yield.

How it works

Silicon is not an essential element for plants, but it does have many beneficial effects.

Silicon is well-known to strengthen plant cell walls which will add protection from pests and disease and increase overall health and productivity of your plants. Silicon is also known to be effective at limiting water loss through the leaves, reducing the chance of wilting.

The Plant Magic Silicon contains a carefully blended formula of soluble silicon accompanied by specific amounts of nitrogen (0.12%), phosphorus (0.03%), and potassium (5.06%). This mix of elements will ensure that the silicon can be easily absorbed by the plants and transported to the cells where it will take effect.

Plant Magic Silicon can be used for:

  • Hydro and coco-based systems
  • Stronger stems and stalks
  • Increased resistance to pest and disease
  • Boosting photosynthetic activity
  • Increased root mass and denser, heavier fruits
  • Increasing the PH of your nutrient solution

How to use

For raising the PH of your nutrient solution simply add a small amount at a time until your nutrient solution reaches the desired PH level. Remember to agitate your solution tank between dosing to ensure an accurate PH reading.

For use as an additive simply add the solution at a rate of 0.5ml – 1ml per litre of water and if necessary, remember to adjust your PH back down to the desired level.

For use as a foliar spray add 0.5ml of Plant Magic Hydro Silicon per litre of water and spray your plants thoroughly being careful not to get any spray on your grow light.

For best results and to avoid chances of leaf burn, use the spray when the grow light is off, and your plants go into their daily dark cycle.

Growing is an art form—but it needn’t be complicated. A straightforward process. Products you can trust. Consistent results. That’s Plant Magic.

Each product in our range targets a specific phase of your grow—optimised for British water profiles and balanced for maximum yield. Just what your plants need to develop their natural taste and aroma.

Our PhD-level biochemists select the highest quality ingredients for each batch made at our UK lab. No hormones, no PGRs. Just high-purity nutrients and additives. Backed by experience. Built on science.

We test every formula on our in-house grows and check every batch to ensure quality. If it’s not up to scratch, we simply don’t ship it.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already a seasoned grower, Plant Magic has the tools you need for a healthy, well developed and high-yield crop—every time.


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