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Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal


Plagron Sugar Royal is used in plant cultivation to enhance the natural flavor and taste of the final product.

It is an addition to use alongside the basic nutrients.

The natural processes of the plant during the flowering period will be supported and challenged by using Sugar Royal.

Plagron Sugar Royal


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Plagron Sugar Royal

A specialized tool within plant cultivation aimed at elevating the inherent flavors and tastes found in the eventual yield. This product serves as a supplementary component to be employed in conjunction with the fundamental nutrient regimen.

By incorporating Sugar Royal, a strategic alignment with the plant's innate developmental processes during the flowering phase is established. This inclusion not only provides essential support but also introduces a stimulating challenge to the plant's natural cycles.

The intricacies of this formula lie in its capacity to coax out and accentuate the genuine essence of the final harvest.

Sugar Royal

By fostering a harmonious interplay with the plant's own biological mechanisms, Sugar Royal contributes to a heightened sensorial experience upon consumption. Beyond its role in taste enhancement, this additive offers a dynamic platform for the plant to push its boundaries during the critical flowering stage.

Incorporating Plagron Sugar Royal delves beyond traditional cultivation techniques, offering a way to connect intimately with the plant's journey while reaping the rewards of intensified flavors and aromas in the eventual yield.


  • Best smell and taste.
  • Reduces the cultivation period.
  • Can be used as root or leaf fertiliser.


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