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Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation


Plagron Green Sensation This 4-in-1 enhancer supports flowering, resistance, soil, and yield. It’s a complete solution that removes the need for any other enzymes, additives, or PK boosters.

Plagron Green Sensation


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4-in-1 formula 

Sick of half-empty bottles in the grow room? Achieve superior results with a quarter of the time, money, and products.

Green Sensation is a 4-in-1 formula that improves flowering, resistance, soil, and yield. A carefully considered PK blend ensures that your plants continue peak growth towards the end of flowering when they usually begin to slow down. It also increases sugar production to keep plants fed through this rapid growth.

Plants will develop stronger cell walls and become more resistant to weather conditions (or strong ventilation if you’re growing indoors). They’ll also hold larger fruits, veg, and flowers!

Improves soil quality and introduces beneficial life 

Not only does Plagron Green Sensation improve plants' growth potential, but it’s also proven to enhance the surrounding soil. It contains enzymes that stimulate the diverse soil life, each with its own benefits. Growers will see greater resistance to disease and fewer symptoms of deficiencies.

The beneficial enzymes will also make oxygen intake far more efficient, aiding photosynthesis and contributing to bright, large leaves and flowers.

Replaces PK boosters and additives

Plagron  Green Sensation supplies the ideal ratios of phosphorus and potassium (PK) at a 9:10 ratio. Bigger doesn’t always mean better; it’s about balance! This formula contains enough essential nutrients to replace PK boosters without overwhelming your plants.

Thanks to its soil-improving properties, there’s also no need for enzymes or additives.

1:1000 dilution rate

As well as producing excellent results, Green Sensation offers incredible value for money. With a dilution rate of 1:1000, you’ll reap the benefits of this nutrient solution again and again.

With just Green Sensation and your base nutrient necessary during the flowering stage, you’ll save time and money and see long-term results in your garden.

How to use Plagron Green Sensation?

Shake well before use.

Dilute 1ml per liter of Green Sensation in your reservoir or nutrient tank. Slowly add your base nutrient until you reach the ideal EC level.

Use Green Sensation from the fourth week of flowering onwards. Replace at the same dosage every time you water your plants.


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