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Pipettes 5ml



A must for all grow rooms! Pipettes let you accurately transfer an amount of nutrient concentrate to add and mix to your watering container, water tank, or reservoir.

  • 3 ml Pipette measures in 0.5 ml increments
  • 5 & 10 ml Pipette measures in 1 ml increments


Pipettes 5ml


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Pipettes - 3ml:
Pipettes - 5ml:
Pipettes - 10ml:

Efficient Hydroponic Liquid Transfer with Versatile Pipettes

Upgrade your hydroponics setup with our pipettes, the ultimate solution for precise liquid transfer. Available in three sizes, these versatile tools redefine measuring, transferring, and droplet dispensing.

Essential for Hydroponics

Elevate your hydroponic practices with our meticulously crafted pipettes. Designed for durability and ease of use, these tools streamline the transfer of nutrients, pH solutions, and liquids, ensuring accuracy with every drop.

Sizes for Every Need

Choose from three sizes of pipettes to match your liquid volume requirements. With a 3ml, 5ml, and 10ml capacity, they excel in managing small liquid quantities, making them indispensable for compact spaces and delicate plants.

Enhance Your Hydroponic Experience

Ideal for both seasoned growers and beginners, our pipettes enhance hydroponic gardening. Simplify the process, promote plant health, and achieve precision with these efficient tools.

Upgrade Today for Seamless Progress

Elevate your liquid handling efficiency now. Integrate pipettes into your toolkit for a noticeable difference. Opt for reliability, precision, and ease – your hydroponics setup deserves nothing less than the best for optimal results.



Plastic Pipettes, unlike their glass counterparts, will not shatter or break.

If the disposable pipettes are only used once, the chances of infectious material being passed on are massively reduced.

Pipettes will work well whenever there is a need for quick, safe transfer of liquids.


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