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Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack)


Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack) is a great solution for both big and small grow spaces and gives the grower consistent light coverage. With the ability to daisy chain up to 100 strips running on a 20-amp circuit.


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Enhance your plant growth potential while maximizing savings with the Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light. No matter the dimensions of your growing space, this economically sound and durable alternative to fluorescent lighting will be a game-changer. Boasting more than twice the lifespan of a typical fluorescent tube and an impressive 60% increase in efficiency, the Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light emerges as an exceptional option catering to both individual cultivators and expansive grow rooms.

Positioning the Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light 8 - 12 inches above the canopy is the most effective way to provide the ideal PPF.

Spacing the strips 10 - 12 inches apart from each other provides the correct coverage for your grow.


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