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OG Rapid Flower and Hardener

OG Rapid Flower + Hardener


OG Rapid Flower + Hardener is a plant additive that has been specially designed to massively activate flower production and deliver an overwhelming increase in flower mass.
Like no other product on the market!

OG Rapid Flower and Hardener


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  • Results can be seen almost immediately with a rapid onset of flowering and then delivering exploding mass with rapid daily increases in weight throughout the entire flowering cycle.
  • This proprietary formulation delivers results through superior plant uptake technology. For serious growers only!
  • Force a rapid onset of flowering when used in week one of the flowering cycle.
  • Increase weight and density when used in weeks 6-7 of the flowering cycle.


Hydroponic application:
Turn to flower for 5 – 7 days. When your plants have reached the desired height, apply the OG Rapid Flower and Hardener at 1 – 2ml per liter to induce a rapid onset of flowering. To harden flowers further, repeat the above dosage for weeks 6 – 7 of the flowering cycle. Using The OG at the late stage only will still increase the final yield weight; you don’t have to use it in early flowering. Results will, however, be more uniform over the whole plant if used in both phases.

Follow the above instructions until the plants are the height you want and then dose at 1 – 2ml per liter with the usual feeding schedule. After 7 days, flush the media through with fresh water.

For hand-fed coco-grown plants, follow the soil instructions, for coco-grown plants in recirculation and run-to-waste systems, follow the hydroponic instructions.

For all of the above, adjust pH to 6.0 for best results.


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