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Mother Nature CO2 Generator

Mother Nature CO2 Generator


Generate an unbelievable amount of CO2 with the Mother Nature CO2 Generators. Designed to last for a minimum of 6 months before co2 output diminishes.

MotherNature CO2 Generator 5L includes 1 x Single Outlet Air Pump.

Mother Nature CO2 Generator


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The Mother Nature CO2 Generator is a complete, self-contained kit designed to operate in sealed grow room environments such as greenhouses or tents. Ideal for fast-growing, carbon dioxide-hungry crops, the Generator more than doubles the ppm of carbon dioxide found in a normal atmosphere. Plants grown in a concentrated CO2 environment are proven to grow faster, thrive in higher temperatures, and bear bigger, better fruits and flowers.

Depending on usage, the specially formulated compost and natural bacteria in your Generator will last up to six months. Once the contents of the Generator are depleted you can simply empty the Generator out, clean it down, and drop in a Mother Nature CO2 Refill It’s always handy to have a CO2 Detector to give you an exact idea of CO2 output levels and when a Refill is due.

The MotherNature 5L Generator will provide increased CO2 levels up to 800PPM in a 1.2m x 1.2m area


CO2 Generators are packed ‘dry’, allowing you to easily store them without fear of degradation or any nuisance odours. This means the Generator must be activated before use. Activation is a very simple task.

When you’re ready to use the Generator simply open the Generator lid and add hot (not boiling) water in one of the following amounts (according to the size of your CO2 Generator):

5L (1.35 gal) CO2 Generator – add 1.25L (0.33 gal) of hot water to the C02 Generator

10L (2.7 gal) CO2 Generator – add 2.5L (0.66 gal) of hot water to the C02 Generator

Allow 24hrs before you use the CO2 Generator. This 24hr period is essential in order for the contents to properly activate. Replace the Generator lid after adding water.

The pump that’s attached to the base of the Generator is designed to be plugged into a lighting timer/relay as the unit is ideally activated in synch with your lighting regime. When your lights come on so does your CO2 Generator – in line with your plant’s natural needs. During ‘lights-off’ periods the Generator switches off and active CO2-producing bacteria come to life within it, re-energising the bucket.


Plug the supplied air pump into your timer board, or a separate timer to only come on when your lights are turned on.

Plug the BOTTOM pipe into the air pump. Route the top airline to the back of an oscillating fan to distribute the co2 over your grow area.

Designed to be used in a sealed room however, can be used to “burst” CO2 at 15-minute intervals for non-sealed environments.


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