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Monkey Nutrients PK 9/18

Monkey Nutrients PK 9/18


Monkey Nutrients PK 9/18 Is a Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) supplement. It is designed to stimulate flower production and produce high levels of yield and flavour enhancing PK, when the plant needs it most. A PK boost early in bloom triggers the onset of fruit production, directing photosynthetic energy to shoots tips, creating flowering sites. During the crucial mid-flower point, allowing your plant access to optimum levels of PK can make or break harvest results. Through extensive research and testing we found the ratio PK 9/18 is the perfect concentration required for plants to reach their full harvest potential.

Monkey Nutrients PK 9/18


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Monkey Nutrients PK 9/18

WHAT IS PK 9/18 ?

  • A complimentary flowering supplement. Our Phosphorus and Potassium (PK) boost elevates PK levels increasing and enhancing floral development.

  • PK 9/18 refers to its ratio and balance. During early to mid flower a ratio of 14% Phosphorus and 15% potassium will significantly improve yields.

  • Phosphorus (P) an essential macro nutrient for plant life. P is not only structurally important for plant cells, it aids in energy production and transfer.

  • Potassium (K) an essential macro nutrient for plant life. K is a catalyst for carbohydrate metabolism as well another regulatory functions. The bio-stimulants in the nutrient range also have a high demand for K.

WHY USE PK 9/18?

  • Fruits. PK 9/18 encourages early onset of flowering and provides a crucial mid-flowering boost when PK demand is at its peak.

  • Yields. Phosphorus aids in energy transfer, harnessing the lights energy for metabolic processes. it also helps strengthen cell formation. As a result, it improves quality and increases flower size, weight and potency!

  • Flavour. Potassium helps regulate many vital functions in a plants life. One of these is carbohydrate metabolism and sugar production, which gives sweeter tasting fruits.


  • When a plant is creating flowers, its energy demand is at its ultimate peak. PK 9/18 helps direct this energy to the growth tips of shoots, where the flower buds form.

  • Just as the demand for light in photosynthesis is at its max during flower, so is the demand for PK to process this light for cell growth and sugar production. The increased metabolism of carbohydrates at this growth stage, provides for sweeter better tasting results.

  • P is physically required in cell wall formation and reinforcement during flower formation. An influx of K also increases the osmotic value of the cells, drawing more water inside them, increasing the size and density of flowers.

HOW TO USE PK 14/15:

Use it at 2.5ml per 10 litres from weeks 4/5 in the flowering cycle.

Can be used with any medium/hydroponics system.

Monkey Nutrients Feed Chart PGR Free

Monkey Nutrients Feed Chart


Value for money, concentrated and easy to use, Monkey Nutrients is the new nutrient range in the UK.

Designed, developed and launched by UK growers with over two decades of experience, we wanted a range that growers could use and benefit from our vast experience in the nutrient industry.

Monkey Nutrients has been in development for over two years. We searched for the best quality ingredients to make our range stand out against what is currently on offer.

We handpick our Monkey partners, so only the most knowledgeable shops sell our products to produce the most knowledgeable growers.

Monkey Nutrients


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