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Mist Maker 5 Disc


Mist Maker 5 Disc is a powerful and compact humdifier that produces 1600ml/hr ofwater vapour via ultrasonic vibration for a very fine micron size droplet correcting the humidity of the air dried out by central heating or environmental conditions associated with indoor growing.


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Mist Maker 5 Disc – the perfect solution for generating micron-sized droplets of mist, specifically designed to benefit young plants or to replenish moisture lost due to heating a room. With their advanced technology, these kits offer a hassle-free experience as they automatically top themselves up, eliminating the need for frequent refills like traditional humidifiers.

Our Mist Maker 5 Disc are engineered to create a fine mist that provides optimal moisture levels for delicate and developing plants. This fine mist is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, and young plants, ensuring they receive the necessary hydration to thrive in their early stages of growth.

Moreover, these kits are highly effective in combatting dry indoor environments caused by heating systems. By releasing a gentle and consistent mist, they restore the moisture balance, creating a comfortable and conducive environment for your plants.

The automatic self-refilling feature of our Mist Makers makes them incredibly convenient and time-saving. Gone are the days of constantly monitoring water levels and refilling humidifiers. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of these innovative kits, providing your plants with the moisture they need without any extra effort on your part.

Upgrade your indoor gardening experience with our exceptional Mist Makers, delivering precision misting for optimal plant growth and health. Embrace the convenience of self-refilling technology and create the perfect environment for your young plants to flourish. Say goodbye to manual refills and hello to the future of efficient and reliable humidity control with our Mist Makers.


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