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Mills Vitalize


Mills Vitalize is a high Silicate nutrient that is used throughout the life of the plant. An industry fan-favourite formulated to make your plants healthier, heartier, and more resistant to stress.

Vitalize is responsible for:

  1. Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  2. Increased resistance to disease and insects
  3. Reduced mineral toxicity
  4. Increased nutrient uptake resulting in higher yields


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Mills Vitalize

Mills Vitalize is a premium additive, which offers your plants the support needed for healthy growth. Years of testing in various environments around the world have led to a uniquely bioavailable form of silicon that can be used as a root soak or foliar spray to improve growth and yield, increase nutrient uptake, and improve pathogen and stress resistance. Thanks to the high concentration of silicic acid, Vitalize rapidly strengthens plants' immune systems, increases harvest yields, and boosts flowering.

  • Vitalize is a revolutionary additive suitable for all growing mediums including hydroponic systems, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
  • Growers use the additive throughout the entire vegetative and blooming phases;
  • The additive can be used as a foliar spray;
  • Vitalize contains essential elements including Potassium, Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Calcium, and Phosphate.


  • Easy to use as a foliar spray;
  • Accelerates the growth of your plants;
  • Improves the harvest yield and quality of your crops;
  • Helps plants recover from stress caused by transportation or transplant;
  • Strengthens your plants' immune system and helps them fight against diseases and pests;
  • Improves nutrient absorption;
  • Reduces water loss in fruits after harvesting;
  • Low mineral toxicity.

The Science of Mills Vitalize

Mills formulated Vitalize to strengthen your plants and accelerate their growth. Mills created the additive in conjunction with the top player in Silicic Acid Agro Technology.

After years of research and field testing, they discovered a unique form of bio silicon, which growers can also use as a foliar spray. The product increases your harvest yields, helps your plants absorb nutrients easier and strengthens their immune system.

Silicic acid helps plants recover from environmental stress and strengthens their root system. And because silicic acid isn't directly available to plants in water cultures, growers use Vitalize to provide the required silicates.

This Mills product comprises increased amounts of boron, zinc, molybdenum, and silicon, which accelerate your plants' development. Vitalize ensures that you enjoy a high harvest yield. And when you use Vitalize together with beneficial biologics, it promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms in organic soil.

How to Use Mills Vitalize

Growers use 0.5 ml/L of Vitalize during the vegetative stage and throughout flowering. For the last 4 weeks of the blooming phase, use 0.25 ml/ L.

Best Practices

When you use Mills Vitalize, always add Vitalize first and mix thoroughly before adding other products. After you've mixed in all your additives, adjust the pH level.

Store the product in a dark and cool place, protected from extreme temperatures. Also, keep it out of children's reach.


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