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Mills Ultimate PK

Mills Ultimate PK


Mills Ultimate PK is a Bloom additive designed for fruiting or flowering plants. Encouraging larger and harder fruits and flowers with the best possible aroma and flavour

Mills Ultimate PK


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Mills Ultimate PK

Mills Ultimate PK is an essential flowering additive suitable for the last weeks of the blooming stage. The top-quality ingredients used by Mills offer your plants the necessary support for a grand finale. What's best, the product strengthens the internal plant structure and ensures high-yield harvests. Mills has undergone years of research to guarantee that the Ultimate PK formula offers your plants the right nutrients for the ripening period. The booster's success exceeds appearance, it also improves the aroma and flavour of fruits.

  • Mills Ultimate PK is suitable for all growing mediums including hydroponic systems, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
  • The booster comprises organic ingredients including Phosphate, Potassium, Zinc, Boron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Iron and Copper;
  • Growers use the booster during the last two to four weeks of the blooming phase.


  • Strong flowering stimulant;
  • Promotes the production of essential oil and enhances the quality of plants;
  • Strengthens the cell structure;
  • Growers use it as a deep cleaner for the root area;
  • Improves the aroma and taste of fruits;
  • Ensures high harvest yields.

The Science of Mills Ultimate PK

Growers use Ultimate PK during the last stages of the flowering phase. Its phosphate-based formula, which is soluble, stimulates root development and optimises the flow of oxygen to the roots. After years of research on the nutrients required to produce a top-quality harvest, Mills created Ultimate PK. The booster promotes essential oil production and enriches fruits' taste and flavour. During the bloom phase, plants need increased levels of potassium and phosphorus. With Ultimate PK you can increase these levels and enjoy a high-yield harvest. What's best, the product strengthens your plants and helps them fight against pests and diseases.

How to Use

Use Ultimate PK throughout the last weeks of the blooming phase at a dosage of 2 - 2.5ml/ L of water.

Best Practices

Ultimate PK is a user-friendly formula, which you can simply mix into your water tank. After adding all other additives, adjust the pH level accordingly. First, add the base nutrients and chase them with additives (except when using Mills Vitalize, which must always be blended first)

Store the formula in a dark and cool place. Keep it protected from extreme temperatures and out of children's reach. Don't breathe in or ingest the product as it can be harmful to your health. Avoid direct fire, heat or skin contact as lengthy exposure could lead to irritation.


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