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Mills CalMag

Mills CalMag


Mills CalMag ensures plants have the additional minerals they may be lacking so they can flourish. If you live in a soft water area (like us) and your plants aren't growing as they should, a deficiency in minerals could be the issue! Should the generous amount of magnesium and calcium found in Mills Basis A&B not be sufficient, CalMag can be the solution for deficiencies.

Mills CalMag


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A little Mills CalMag goes a long way!

Mills CalMag will harden soft water and also provide the right amount of Ca and Mg, while at the same time, it helps raise EC levels to the correct range and promotes plant health, growth and overall vitality. Calcium and Magnesium are essential for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption, and deficiencies of these are usually identified by stunted growth, curl-edged or yellowing leaves in plants.

Essential for soft water

CalMag is essential if you live in a soft water area – where your plants will suffer from a lack of secondary nutrients. If using RO systems, you can also expect a deficiency in minerals and elements which this product helps address.

Prevent deficiencies

Calcium and magnesium are the most common deficiencies in plants. Because calcium and magnesium are only effectively absorbed with pH > 6.3.

Maximized concentration

CalMag is maximized in concentration, you’ll be surprised how long it lasts!

How to use Mills CalMag

Mills CalMag is highly concentrated. Use only approx. 1 ml per litre of water to increase the EC to the desired level.

To prevent calcium and magnesium deficiencies: give your plants 1ml per 1 liter of water without other additives with a pH of 6.5, 1x per week.

Can also be used to remineralise Reverse Osmosis water for great results.


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