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Lumatek Led ATS


Lumatek-led lights revolutionize plant cultivation. By blending white, deep red, and far-red LEDs, we've crafted a high-intensity, stable, and uniform light source for optimal plant absorption. Unlike traditional LEDs, our innovative design enhances growth with full-spectrum coverage, better canopy penetration, and noiseless operation. Elevate your growing experience with Lumatek Led cutting-edge LED technology.


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Lumatek Led ATS - 100w Led Bar:
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Lumatek Led ATS - 200w Pro Led:
Lumatek Led ATS - 300w Led:
Lumatek Led ATS - 300w Pro Led:

Lumatek's LED grow light solutions combine an amalgamation of white, deep red, and far-red LEDs, culminating in an exceptionally effective light source that's meticulously calibrated to ensure an output of high intensity, stability, and uniformity. This thoughtful calibration aims to facilitate optimal light absorption, thereby nurturing your plants' growth potential.

Contrasting with prior generations of lumatek led grow lights, which relied on a blend of royal blue and deep red LEDs to target chlorophyll absorption peaks, Lumatek introduces an evolutionary approach. While the former solutions proved adequate, they overlooked crucial spectra essential for robust plant development, struggled to penetrate dense canopies effectively, and even hindered visibility when inspecting and maintaining grow rooms.

Lumatek led trailblazing design and advancements in LED technology have yielded a high-powered LED grow light that's ingeniously cooled through passive convection. The absence of moving parts in this fanless design renders Lumatek Zeus-led fixtures remarkably durable, boasting an extended operational lifespan and whisper-quiet operation.

What lumatek LED light is best? - All Lumatek Zeus led has a fantastic reputation for quality products.

What is our most popular one? - It's Lumatek Zeus 600w led grow light!

Lumatek zeus 600w pro led grow light


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