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Light Hanger

Light Hanger


It is essential to be able to raise and lower lighting fittings in the grow room. As plants grow, the lights will need to be raised accordingly and Grow Tools Ezi Roll Hangers allow this to be done without dismantling the lighting system and therefore potentially damaging your plants in the process.

Adjustable light hangers that can hold up to 5kg

Light Hanger


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Grow Tools Yo-Yo Light Hanger Set

Easy Adjustment

Ezi RollĀ  Hangers from Grow Tools are yo-yo action lighting fixture hangers for easy adjustment of grow light height. With a handling capacity of 3 kilograms per hanger, Ezi Rolls are the easiest way to hang lighting systems over plants. They adjust accurately with minimal fuss. The Hanger Set also features a clutch and automatic locking system allowing you to adjust the position of the reflectors. Ezi Rolls adjust to any height allowing users to lower and raise lights with ease.

Simple to Use

To use, simply hook the easy rollers on an appropriate fixture, fasten the nylon suspension cords to the hanging brackets on the reflector, adjust to the required height and tighten the clamp to secure!


  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Easy to use
  • Essential grow room tool
  • Ideal for hanging lights or lighting reflectors


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