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Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets

Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets


Original Jiffy Products – your proven helpers in growing plants

The Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets: high-quality substrate compressed to form a handy pellet. Just add water, and the little planting wonder grows to up to SEVEN times its size in a few moments. It is held together by fine netting, ensuring optimum air/water exchange. Jiffy expanding coco pellets prices are also extremely cheap, paying pennies per pellet.

  • Better, faster germination
  • Labor-saving
  • Lower water use


Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets


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Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets - 50:
Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets - 100:
Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets - 500:

The Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. They are easy to work with, economical to ship (being supplied as lightweight, highly compressed, dry discs) and they transplant well, either into larger containers or directly into the ground.

Crafted from a stable, eco-friendly coco coir substrate, Jiffy 7 Coco Pellets ensures both convenience and quality for your planting needs.

Propagating seeds and cuttings or tissue culture with Jiffy Pellets has a number of clear advantages for the professional grower. You can consistently record higher and faster levels of in-pot germination thanks to the uniform growth in Jiffy Pellets.

Consistent quality means consistent results. Your plant yields will be higher as seedlings do not have to be removed from the container, the pellet eliminates root disturbance and is simply planted into the nest growing stage without transplant shock. These shorter growing process cycles also mean considerable labor savings and water-use reduction.

Jiffy-7 Coco Pellets are a logical choice for professional propagators who want to be more profitable. The coco pellets are made from Jiffy’s own-manufactured RHP-certified coco substrate, or 100% coco substrate. The pellets have their medium exposed to high-temperature flash drying to create a sterile substrate.

These highly popular propagation plugs only need moisture.

Insert your seeds or cuttings, and place them in a propagator to start their growth journey.

Widely used internationally, they also thrive in NFT systems – just transfer your young plants to your garden.





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