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How to Keep Plants Warm in Winter How to Heat a Grow Tent How to Keep Indoor Plants Warm in Winter

How to Keep Plants Warm in Winter

Winter Woes? Keep your indoor plants warm and thriving with Blackburn Hydroponics!

As winter rolls in, keeping your hydroponic pals warm is crucial. A chilly garden tent can halt your plants' growth, but don’t worry! Here’s your guide on how to keep plants warm, heat a grow tent or grow room, and ensure that your grow thrives through the frosty months.

Tips for a Toasty Warm Hydroponic Winter

As much as these tips will help you keep your greens in good spirits during winter, sometimes a little investment in the right tools can make a world of difference. The products we’ve featured below will not only save your plants from the cold but also save you time and stress.

Monitor the Temperatures

If you don’t know how cold it is, how will you know when it’s too cold? An accurate thermometer and hygrometer are must-haves in any hydroponic setup for accurate monitoring of the optimal environment and growing conditions.

Some plant strains are more tolerant to colder climates, but we recommend that you aim for a consistent 20-25°C. And it’s not just air temperature you should keep an eye on, cold soil can slow root growth and affect plant health.

Water Wisely in the Cold

Colder weather means your plants will likely need less water. Overwatering can lead to root rot, and lower soil temperature further stressing the plants. Monitor and adjust your watering schedule to meet their reduced needs, ensuring the soil remains slightly warm and not cold to the touch.

Maintain Optimal Humidity & Ventilation

Balancing humidity in colder months is crucial as indoor heating dries out the air. A simple humidifier can help maintain the ideal humidity levels. But it's vital to couple this with effective ventilation to prevent mould and mildew from forming, which can become more prevalent in winter due to the lack of airflow. A small fan can combat this but regularly check and adjust your fan speeds accordingly to ensure it's effectively circulating air without decreasing the temperature.

Supplement Heat to LED Grow Lights

While LED grow lights are known for their energy efficiency and lower operating costs, they emit less heat compared to other grow lights, such as HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lights. Strategically placing a 600w HPS bulb above your plants can be a game-changer. Bringing the dual benefits of enhanced lighting and much-needed warmth, without replacing the efficiency of your LED setup.

Strategic Light Scheduling

Adjusting the light schedule to align with colder times can significantly impact your plants’ warmth. Have your grow lights, including the supplementary HPS bulb, come on during the night when temperatures drop the most. This approach not only provides consistent lighting but also adds an extra layer of warmth when your plants need it most.

How to Heat a Grow Tent: For Tent Growers

Why It's Essential: In a grow tent, controlling temperature is key to successful plant growth. Tents can lose heat rapidly, especially in unheated spaces, so maintaining the right warmth is crucial.

Getting a well-insulated grow tent is your first line of defence against the cold. Sometimes, the simplest methods are the most effective. Whatever you choose, we want to highlight the importance of evenly distributing heat sources to avoid hotspots, and away from flammable objects. We don’t want to see your crop go up in flames!

Seedling Care with Grow Gadgets Heat Mat + Thermostat

For baby plants, the Grow Gadgets Heat Mat and Thermostat can be a lifesaver; providing gentle consistent heat to ensure your germination doesn’t succumb to the cold. Keeping roots warm and active, and ensuring uniform growth in young plants.

GroWarm Oil Radiator: A reliable grow tent heater

A low-cost and efficient way to heat your garden tent is by using a small oil radiator. A reliable source of consistent heat, perfect for maintaining a steady temperature in small hydroponic setups.

How to Warm a Grow Room: For Room Growers

Why It's Important: Grow rooms, typically larger than tents, require a different approach to heating. They offer more natural insulation, but without proper heating, they can still become too cold for your plants, especially in poorly insulated areas.

Growing in a room offers more natural insulation, but it’s essential to make sure that your grow space is well-insulated to maintain the warmth generated by any additional heating. If you feel a cold draft, so will your plants. A thick pair of curtains and a door draft excluder can go a long way in preventing heat loss.

Detect & Seal Drafts

Drafts can be a major culprit in heat loss. Perform a simple candle test – hold a lit candle near windows, doors, and other suspected draft areas. If the flame flickers, you’ve found a draft. Sealing these areas can significantly reduce heat loss, keeping your grow space warmer and more energy-efficient.

Get Reflective Sheeting

Line the walls of your growing space with our range of reflective sheeting materials to maximise light efficiency and help retain heat within your growing space.

GroWarm Fan Heater: Heat Large Spaces

A fan heater is an effective way to maintain a stable temperature, especially in larger grow rooms or tents. It also helps circulate warm air, avoiding cold spots that can stress your plants.

Wrap Up & Keep Plants Warm This Winter

By following these tips on how to heat a grow tent and how to keep plants warm in winter, your hydroponic garden is set up for success, creating a warm haven for your plants in the dark winter.

At Blackburn Hydroponics, we're not just here to offer advice – we provide the tools and products needed to make these solutions a reality. Whether you're shopping online or visiting our store, find everything you need to keep your plants thriving through the snowy season and beyond.

Happy winter gardening! ????❄️

How to Keep Plants Warm in Winter
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