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Hailea Air Stone Ceramic

Hailea Air Stone Ceramic Disc


Hailea Air Stones provide maximum aeration. The stream of air bubbles provided by the air stone helps break up the surface of the water allowing further oxygen exchange. Oxygen-rich water is essential for happy and healthy plants!

Hailea Air Stone Ceramic


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Hailea Air Stone Ceramic Disc - 4":
Hailea Air Stone Ceramic Disc - 6":

Fuel plant growth with the Hailea Air Stone Ceramic Disc. It'll dramatically increase your dissolved oxygen content - ideal for large tanks. You get more and finer bubbles, and even a wider spread… thanks to the uniform disc shape!

It's just what you need to boost growth & enhance nutrient uptake. Expect your air stones to have a long life – they’re made from a durable ceramic compound. These air stones are the very best ones to use with air flows of 2.5 – 20 litres per minute. Other air stones just aren’t as good! The Ceramic Disc is definitely the one to beat.

  •  Ceramic air stone – for quality, very fine bubbles
  •  Long lasting – made from durable ceramic compound!
  •  Perfect for air flows of 2.5 - 20 Litres per minute
  •  Creates a good mix of large and small bubbles
  •  Far better bubble dispersion than the Golf Ball Air Stone
  •  Dramatically increases dissolved oxygen levels in nutrient solutions
  •  Great for deep water culture/bubbler systems
  •  The only choice for an IWS Oxypot XL or in a RUSH RDWC system

Choose a Size:

4" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: At least 2.5 - 10 Litres per minute air flow needed

6" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: At least 5 - 10 Litres per minute air flow needed

8" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: At least 10 - 20 Litres per minute air flow needed

Available in:

  • 4" 100mm
  • 6" 150mm


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