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Emerald Harvest King Kola

Emerald Harvest King Kola

Original price was: £39.99 – £159.95.Current price is: £33.99 – £135.96.

Emerald Harvest King Kola powerful bloom booster adds “oomph” during the flowering phase with more phosphorus and potassium for huge, heavy buds.

Emerald Harvest King Kola

Original price was: £39.99 – £159.95.Current price is: £33.99 – £135.96.

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Emerald Harvest King Kola - 950ml:
Emerald Harvest King Kola - 3.79L:

Emerald Harvest King Kola

Faster than bovine protein

This bloom additive takes its strength from hemp, rather than more commonly-used bovine products. Plant-based protein is far more effective for mineral chelation, a process that makes it easier for plants to find nutrients and break them down. Thanks to its ability to speed plant metabolism, growers will reach a high-quality bloom stage in no time.

Faster, bigger blooming

King Kola is a bloom booster specially designed to achieve:

  • More abundant and productive flowering;
  • Larger, higher-quality fruits, vegetables, and flowers;
  • Naturally-occurring vegetable-based proteins.

Usually, this could only be achieved using 3 separate nutrients. Superior flowering no longer requires hours of gardening time or an extensive range of supplies - this one bottle is all you’ll need.

Derived from hemp seed flour

Plants need protein just like we do! King Kola is the first bloom booster derived from hemp seed flour, an all-natural ingredient that contains almost 25% protein. A protein-rich substrate ensures a regular supply of nutrients to plants. This helps them produce their own proteins for a longer lifespan and yields that are higher in quantity and quality.

Hemp requires very little water to grow and removes more CO2 from the air than trees - so you’re doing the Earth a favour, too.

Why choose Emerald Harvest King Kola?

  • 3-in-1 plant-based growth stimulator
  • Accelerates plant metabolism
  • Derived from hemp seed flour
  • High in protein
  • Faster results than animal-based products
  • Eco-friendly alternative to bovine fertilisers
  • Extra nitrogen for added growth

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Emerald Harvest
  • NPK Ratio: 0.3 - 2 - 3
  • Active Ingredients: Nitrogen (3%); Soluble Potash (3%); Available Phosphate (2%).

How to use Emerald Harvest King Kola?

King Kola is made for phenomenal flowering! For best results, use in your regular watering or hydro schedule throughout the bloom stage.

The feeding chart below is designed for use in any hydroponic drain-to-waste or recirculating system. It’s based on a 9-week flowering cycle; however, growers may add extra weeks between weeks 4 and 5 if required.

Week 1: 1.0ml/L;

Weeks 2-3: 2.0ml/L;

Weeks 4-5: 3.0ml/L;

Weeks 6-7: 2.0ml/L;

Week 8: 1.0ml/L;

Week 9: Do not apply King Kola in week 9 of flowering.

Where to use Emerald Harvest King Kola?

King Kola is suitable for use in any growing medium, including soil, hydro, and coco coir.


Emerald Harvest was founded in 2015 in Santa Rosa, California, by industry insiders with decades of experience. Over many years, our founders had listened to the growing community talk about what they wanted and needed from a nutrient line. So, we set out to bring growers superlative yields for significant profits at a reasonable price point while reducing the mess and fuss and waste of other nutrient lines. The result? Our science-backed, streamlined premium base nutrients and supplements for hydroponic plants.

  • Proudly based in Santa Rosa, California
  • Founded after years in the industry
  • Nutrients designed with growers in mind

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