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Advanced Nutrients Revive

Advanced Nutrients Revive


Weak, suffering plants meet their match with Advanced Nutrients Revive, the world’s most comprehensive first aid kit for your garden. Revive is an easy-to-use formula that works with all types of gardens and can be added to nutrient solutions or used in a foliar spray. Ensuring plant survival and rejuvenation when they are in trouble.

Advanced Nutrients Revive


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Advanced Nutrients Revive - 1L:

Advanced Nutrients Revive - First Aid Kit for Plants

With chelated calcium, magnesium, and iron, Advanced Revive’s targeted microelements can help plants recover from nutrient lockout and transplant shock. Support the optimal conditions for returning your garden to peak performance and recovering the vibrant green hues of high-value crops. Our team of experts also engineered Revive with urea, ensuring ideal intakes of nitrogen for vigorous growth.

  • Calcium, magnesium, and chelated iron resolve nutrient deficiencies
  • Urea gradually releases nitrogen to your garden for optimal absorption
  • Can help return plants to peak performance for bountiful, lush green harvests

Even if users are not facing an emergency right now, remember, that it pays to be safe and they should get a supply of Revive as quickly as possible. Think of it as a first aid kit for plants.

From the manufacturer - Bud Aid Is Like “Insurance” For Your Grow Room.

The team of scientists, researchers, and plant chemists at Advanced Nutrients has spent many years studying the potential problems facing growers…

They discovered many things can go wrong during a crop cycle that could cause a large percentage of your plants to not make it and jeopardize the value of your entire harvest.

Scientific testing also determined, that in a grow room emergency, TIME is the biggest threat to your plants' survival.

It’s a fact: the quicker you act to treat your plants, the more likely you are to save them. That’s why you need a “first aid kit” close at hand to protect your investment, and why Advanced Nutrients developed the Bud Aid line consisting of Sensi Cal Mag Xtra® and Revive.


Nutrient Solutions: Use 5 mL per Liter to correct deficiencies. Repeat after 1 week, if necessary.

Foliar spray: Use 3 mL per Liter. Repeat after 1 week, if necessary.

As part of a regular feeding program: Use 1 mL per Liter. Repeat after 1 week.

Advanced Nutrients was built by growers, for growers.



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