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15 Low-Cost Essential Grow Tools

Are you ready to grow plants indoors? Whether you’re a hydroponics pro or just getting started, a few smart buys of certain indoor grow tools can save you time, hassle, and money in the long run.

Here’s a list of 15 budget-friendly must-have grow tools for your indoor garden:

  1. EC/pH Meters: If you want the best results, you need a grow tool to ensure that your plants are absorbing nutrients effectively by checking the water chemistry. A pH pen or EC meter will help you do just that!
  2. EC/pH Solutions: Despite regular pH checks, sometimes your water might get fussy. Keep pH levels within the optimal range for nutrient absorption with pH 'Up' and 'Down' solutions, you can quickly adjust the water’s acidity or alkalinity on the spot. Browse our range of pH/EC products.
  3. Automatic Timer Plugs: Human error is natural, but your plants shouldn't suffer from it. Timer plugs will switch on/off your lights, pumps, or fans at set times, making your garden practically self-maintaining. Get your timer here.
  4. Digital Temp & Humidity Monitor: Plants are like people; they enjoy comfortable living conditions. A simple digital monitor will track temperature and humidity, helping you make your plants feel at home. Browse meters here.
  5. Snippers: Trimming excess foliage promotes plant health. Investing in a quality pair of shears ensures clean cuts and keeps your plants disease-free. See our different scissors, shears and secateurs here.
  6. Water Sprayers: Excellent for foliar feeding, a quality fine mist water sprayer ensures even moisture distribution for your plant, helping to absorb nutrients and maintain optimal humidity. Get your sprayer here.
  7. Measuring Tools: Consistency is key when adding nutrients to your water. Simple measuring tools such as pipettes, syringes or jugs offer an easy and accurate way to dose your nutrients. Browse our measuring products here.
  8. Light Adjusters: As your plants grow taller, the height of your lights should change too. Adjustable rope ratchets are great for making quick height adjustments for hanging equipment and help prevent your plants from getting burnt.
  9. Plant Support: Tall plants can get wobbly. Stakes, nets, or plant yoyos offer them the support they need, ensuring they get enough light and stay upright. For growers aiming for maximum yield without risking plant damage.
  10. Gloves: Harvesting can get sticky! Another essential grow tool is a pair of good gloves to protect both your hands and your plants from contamination.
  11. Trimming: Precision is vital when you're harvesting. High-quality trimming scissors help you snip away leaves without harming the plant. Large harvest? The Trim-Daddy Trimmer can quickly handle bigger jobs and boasts being 10x faster than scissors! Worth the investment if you want to save time and effort! See all our trimming products here.
  12. Drying Racks: Proper drying is essential. A collapsible mesh drying net is a great space-saving option. They allow for good airflow, ensuring an even drying process and reducing the risk of mould.
  13. Vacuum Bags: Ideal for preserving the freshness of harvested plants, vacuum bags ensure that your produce retains its aroma and potency. This is a cost-effective way to maintain product quality for long-term storage.
  14. Magnifying Glass: A jeweller's loupe is a small magnifying glass that lets you inspect micro details such as trichomes, and tiny resin-coated hairs covering your plant. This can help you determine the best time to harvest.
  15. Ecothrive Neutralise: Not to play favourites, but this handy and affordable little bottle instantly provides dechlorinated tap water, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of both chlorine and chloramine.

In conclusion, cultivating a successful indoor garden doesn't mean emptying your pockets, just investing wisely. The growing tools listed above are not only cost-effective but vital for an efficiently laidback and low-maintenance growing experience. 

Happy planting! ????????

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